Why Businesses Should Invest In Vinyl Banners

While modern-day advertising techniques focus on digital channels, there is still a great demand for print advertising. One of the most effective and affordable print advertising business across the country are utilizing is vinyl banners. Despite the growing trend in digital advertising, this old method is still tough to beat when it comes to communicating your message quickly and efficiently.


Why Vinyl?

Vinyl is one of the most common materials used for modern marketing banners and wraps.  Typically available in 13, 15, or 18-ounce weights, making it the perfect solution for trade shows, billboards, vehicle wraps, storefronts and more!


The Benefits Of Vinyl


They are durable

Resistant to weather, wind and tear resistant, mesh vinyl banners are the perfect choice for outdoor use.  Unlike canvas banners, vinyl banners retain their strength in the rain/snow and allow wind to pass through the material with great ease.  Canvas banners are far more fragile and usually require edge reinforcement, which is an additional cost.


They are low maintenance

This is especially useful for banners that are displayed outside, exposed to the elements.  Outside banners can quickly accumulate dirt and grime, which can stain or damage a canvas banner, causing businesses to eat the cost of cleaning the banner or purchasing a new one. However, vinyl banners are simple to clean, only requiring a dash of mild detergent and water.  


Better brighter, vibrant colors!

Believe it or not, the material you choose to print your signage on matters greatly. Often through the use of either screen printing or digital printing on a wide format printer, printing onto vinyl results in bright and vibrant colors at an inexpensive price. Vinyl is also fade resistant so you can rest assured that your banner will remain bold and beautiful for a long time!


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