The Future of Large Format Printing

Large format printing, also known as wide format printing, is a computer-controlled setup that can support a print roll width from 18 inches to 100 inches. Large format is taking the printing world by storm as it offers many advantages over more traditional methods of printing. The future of large format printing lies largely in its ability to print on a more varied choice of surfaces, produce large format images, offer better print quality, and use UV-curable inks.

New trends and techniques used in large format printing

Digital signposts are becoming more and more mainstream but, there is still a niche for print media. Wall décor, textile art, unconventional substrates all still depend on print for their finish. Here are some of the new trends and techniques that are shaping the way large format printing is moving into the future:

Wall décor: Because of its ability to print on large surfaces and the ability to print directly on the substrate, LFP is being used for wall décor. Prints on wallpaper or adhesive materials that can later be stuck on walls are making wall art a whole lot easier. A lot of the intermediate steps also get eliminated, saving both time and money.

Textile printing: From banners to custom-printed fabrics, LFP is being used to print on textiles for a variety of uses. Fashion designers are using the technique to create unique designs and fabrics that can be customized to suit a client’s exact needs. The details of the print are of a much higher quality than other methods, and the process is much quicker.

Rigid media

LFP can print directly onto hard surfaces like billboards or signposts, eliminating the need for extra steps. While earlier print methods were required to print first on a soft surface and then stick that on to the firmer surface, LFP completes the process in one step.

UV-curable inks

UV or ultraviolet curable inks have changed the face of LFP. The newest innovation has made way for printing directly on a much wider variety of substrates. The new technique is also doing away with solvent-based inks and many of the limitations that arose while using the latter. Replacing solvent-based inks with UV-curable inks has seen a significant drop in costs and time while showing a big improvement in quality and detail. UV-curable inks are also more environmental-friendly owing to the much lower emission of volatile organic compounds.

Need to print a graphic that fits exactly over a vehicle or another unique object? No problem. Our large-format printers offer the perfect solution. For prints that need to fit a specific shape or form our contour cutting technique make printing a dream.

What Is Contour Cutting?

Ideal for printing virtually any shape or design, this specific cutting technique is achieved by using a digital router or cutter to create a precise cut along the edge of a design. This ensures your sign or banner is cut to the exact edge of the design for the perfect fit.  

*Side note – This technique requires that any cut portion of the design must be at least 1/4 “ in width.

The better quality large format prints, environmentally friendly methods, and the vast number of different surfaces that can be printed on make LFP the print choice of the future. LFP’s quick turnover rate along with the costs it saves by using fewer materials and the lower wastage only add to the reasons why LFP is taking over the printing world.

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